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Civil Litigation Atlanta

Do You Need Representation as the Plaintiff or Defendant?
If you are involved in civil litigation in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you need qualified and trustworthy legal support to help you, whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant. As the Plaintiff, you are the person who feels wronged and initiates a lawsuit by hiring legal counsel. Your attorney will draft the proper documents, file them with the Clerk of Court, and then arrange for a Summons to be delivered to the Defendant. Proper service of a Summons informs your opposing party of the lawsuit and establishes formal jurisdiction over the matter.

As the Defendant, it is on you to prove the lawsuit is incorrect or unjust. You need an attorney to help you achieve victory. If the Plaintiff is alleging bodily harm, physical damages, or other drastic claims, your attorney will need to use a process server to serve records subpoenas that will provide access to the documents that prove your innocence.

Whether you are the Plaintiff or Defendant, there are a few things that won’t change. You need an attorney on your side fighting for your rights, and you need to be sure your attorney uses Accurate Serve in Atlanta. We are experts in serving civil process documents from start to finish.  We know what we’re doing and we will be sure your papers are served accordingly.