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Common Challenges That Process Servers Face

Process servers in Atlanta are tasked with locating an unfamiliar person in an oftentimes, new area. They frequently face obstacles while attempting to serve process to litigants and other parties. Some of the most common challenges that process servers face are:


Defendants, and sometimes witnesses, aren’t usually thrilled about being served. No one wants to spend days in court dealing with accusations. Many defendants avoid the process server, mistakenly believing that by doing so, they will avoid the court case entirely. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Multiple service attempts to locate the defendant or an alternative form of service might be needed, which all adds unnecessary time and cost to the case.


There is always the risk of physical violence from a person being served. Process servers have been injured and even killed by angry process recipients. Domestic issues, such as divorces and child custody cases, are particularly susceptible to violent responses.

Jurisdiction issues

Process servers must be approved by the Fulton County Superior Court to serve process in this county only, and this approval does not automatically transfer to other counties or states. Because of this, process servers often run into jurisdiction issues when the defendant or witness that needs to be served moves outside of the area where they are certified to work. Even if the intended recipient of the process is just one foot over the county line, they’re out of the jurisdiction and a different process server must be hired.

Conflicting information

Process servers diligently research each process recipient to identify potential locations to find them, the best way to approach, and if any other problems seem likely. If, during this research, someone provides incorrect information, this makes it more difficult and takes longer for the process server to locate the intended recipient. 

Legislation changes

These days more than ever, laws and regulations are quite dynamic, subject to change at any moment with the comings and goings of politicians. Because of this, process servers must learn to adapt to an environment of ever-changing guidance and rules. Staying up to date on all changes is important to ensure that the service being provided is legal and valid.

Break Through the Challenges with Quality Process Service in Atlanta

Experienced process servers, like those here at Accurate Serve® in Atlanta, know how to handle any obstacle that comes up while still providing the best service of process possible. Trust our expert team at Accurate Serve® to break down the barriers of serving process and get your case handled quickly. Call (404) 924-4838 or visit us online to find out how we can help you today!