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Why You Should Use a Process Server Instead of a Local Sheriff

Georgia state law requires that all court process be served by either a certified private process server, like those here at Accurate Serve® of Atlanta, or by law enforcement. While it may seem convenient to request service by law enforcement while filing your case at the courthouse, this isn’t always the best option. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a private, certified process server to handle your case process instead of taking up law enforcement resources.


Process servers have a very specific job–serving process. They work with the laws and rules governing the process service industry here in Georgia every day. Unlike law enforcement, process servers don’t spend large portions of their days engaged in tasks unrelated to process service. Even when process servers do other tasks, they are typically related to the process service industry, such as skip tracing or diligent searches. Police officers simply cannot devote the same time and effort to serving process as a private server, and quite frankly, we feel their time is better used in other areas. Whether you’re an attorney for a large firm or an individual filing a single case, you deserve the dedication that only a private process server can provide.


Time is of the essence when dealing with court deadlines. Once a court case is filed, the clock starts ticking. If the case process is not served within a certain deadline, everything must be refiled and start again from scratch. This can be a costly and time-consuming situation. But what would cause law enforcement to miss a process service deadline? 

Just as mentioned above, police officers have a ton of stuff to handle already. From thefts to assaults and even murders, police resources need to be available to handle the serious and grim reality of the world we live in. Dealing with these big issues means police don’t always have enough time to handle smaller tasks, like service of process, which could lead to your case being put on the back burner. If your case’s service is delayed long enough, you could end up paying to file everything again. On the flip side, private process servers prioritize your case’s process above all else and pride themselves in serving process quickly and efficiently. Many cases are served within mere days from the receipt of the assignment. If you don’t want to take a chance on your case going nowhere due to slow service of process, opt for a private process server over law enforcement. 


If you’re like most people, you want to know what’s going on, especially when it comes to legal matters. Private process servers are much more inclined and equipped to communicate your case’s status frequently with you than law enforcement. This again goes back to law enforcement having so many other things to do along with the service of process. Here at Accurate Serve®, we provide all our clients with a 24/7 status monitor available right on our website. We also communicate with clients via phone, text, email, or in-person as the client prefers. We know that being left in the dark about your case’s status can bring on great anxiety, so we make it easy by communicating with our clients how they like and when they like it.

Process Servers in Atlanta

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