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3 Tips for Choosing a Process Server

You’ve filed your civil case or lawsuit in Fulton County Court and received the official court summons…now what?

It’s time to serve the defendants named in the case with the summons and complaint. To do so, you’ll need to either use Fulton County’s law enforcement servers or find a private process server.

If you’ve never hired a private process server before, you may not know what to ask or look for. In this post, we’ll go over our top three tips on finding the best process server for the job (Spoiler alert: Accurate Serve® of Atlanta has the best process servers in Fulton County, hands down!)

Make Sure They’re Certified

Private process servers must be certified and approved by the Fulton County Superior Court in order to legally serve process here. If you can’t find their name on the official process server list, don’t risk trusting your case process with them. If they are not certified, any service they provide is invalid and all case process must be reserved. This will cause unnecessary delay and expense in your case.

Check Their References

It’s not enough to just ask for a list of references. You need to put forth the extra effort to actually verify each one. Search for the reference name and contact information online to confirm that they are who the server claims they are. Business references are better because they’re easier to verify. Once you’ve investigated the references online, give each one a call. A reference check can be as simple as asking if the reference would hire the server again. If they say no, you’ll know there were issues without having to delve deeper. If the reference claims not to even know the server, note it and call the next reference. If multiple references respond negatively, you’ll know to move on to the next server candidate.

Ask About Proof of Service

Our final tip is to always inquire about the process for providing proof of service. While proof of service doesn’t necessarily need to be filed with the court for the service to be valid, it is still best practice to do so. Here at Accurate Serve®, we always file proof of service with the court, plus we go one step further by providing proof of service to our customers via our online status tracking tool, available 24/7 from our website.

Quality Process Servers in Atlanta

For the highest-quality process servers in the Atlanta area, look no further than the team at Accurate Serve®. We have the experience you need when serving important legal documents. Call us at (404) 924-4838 or send us service requests online to get started today!