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Reasons Why Your Process Server Can’t Locate Their Mark

When the process server you’ve hired is having a difficult time locating the process’ intended recipient, you may be left wondering how long it is going to take to find them. With court deadlines looming, not being able to find a party in your case is very frustrating. However, there are several reasons why a process server might not be able to find their target:

Outdated Information

One of the most common reasons why a process recipient can be difficult to locate is because the information the process server has is outdated. This information can come from whoever hired the process server, online records, court records, or other sources. When the most current information available for a person is outdated and incorrect, the process server must use other methods to try to locate the person, which takes significantly more time.

Limited or No Background Information

It is especially common for some people to have very limited background information if any. This is especially true for young people, people who have never worked or attended school, and people who are undocumented. Without any official source from which to secure a valid address or phone number, locating the person may have to pivot to using alternative methods only. This adds significant time to the search.

No Online Presence

If the process recipient has no current valid information available, the process server will likely turn to online sources to try to locate the recipient. Social media is a valuable resource when attempting to locate someone who has sparse background information. However, there are quite a few people out there that do not use social media, have no online presence, and don’t really even use computers. Finding these people can be extremely difficult and take a long time.

Use of False Identities

Finally, we come to people who use fake identities to intentionally evade the process server and quite likely other people too. While this is not very common, there are some people out there that are so involved in criminal activity that they use any means possible to avoid capture. Special resources and extensive time may be required in these cases.

Process Servers in Atlanta

If the recipient of your case’s process is located in the Atlanta area, you can rest assured that the process service professionals at Accurate Serve® will successfully locate them or file for alternative service. No matter what, your case will proceed and be heard in court. To get started, call us at (404) 924-4838 or send us a work requests online. Once we’ve started on your case, you can track its progress 24/7 using our online status tracking tool, available right on our homepage.