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You Should Find a Process Server with these Qualities

Using a credible process server in Atlanta isn’t just highly recommended, it’s required by law. Georgia and Fulton County have strict requirements on who can be a certified process server, and if you use an illegitimate process server, your case could get thrown out for improper service. Only hire a process server in Atlanta who:

Meets State Requirements

Fulton County requires process servers to:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Complete an application
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Complete a 12-hour pre-certification training course
  • Complete a 5-hour continuing education course when renewing a certification
  • Pass the Georgia Certified Process Server State Examination
  • Submit a background check
  • Be endorsed by a member of the George State Bar
  • Submit a full application packet within the designated submission dates

Once a server is approved as certified by Fulton County, their name and information will appear on this website.

Knows the Laws

Experienced process servers are very knowledgeable about laws and current trends related to process serving in their location. Never hire a process server who:

  • Tries to disguise or lie about their identity while serving process
  • Gives process recipients advice about their cases
  • Threatens or tries to intimidate process recipients
  • Engages in illegal activities while serving, such as breaking and entering

When you choose Accurate Serve® to handle your case’s process, you’ll always get quality and completely% legal process service with no shady practices. 

Values Customer Service

Check online for reviews by past clients, or ask the process server for references you can contact to verify performance. You can often avoid a bad situation by doing your research about a server’s reputation ahead of time. If you can’t find any information online and they don’t want to provide references, move on to the next prospect.

The Accurate Serve® franchise has been serving process since 2009, so we have the experience, knowledge, and credentials you need to get your case’s process served quickly and legally. Call our Atlanta office at (404) 924-4838 or contact us online to find out how we can take the burden of process service off your shoulders, so you can get back to the research that’s going to win the case!